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balance pt

balance physical therapy offers a wide array of physical therapy modalities, and specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, low back, hip, and sacroiliac impairments, pelvic health, sports and orthopedics. treatment will be offered in tandem with soft tissue and trigger point massage, visceral manipulation, and more.

dr. nicole dority has over 20 years of treatment experience in all arenas from pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, pelvic health, sports medicine, and more.

about us

treatment offerings

pelvic floor pt

prenatal and postpartum care

women’s health pt

manual therapy

soft tissue massage


biomechanics counseling 

functional and postural reeducation

pilates based rehabilitation 

neurological reeducation 

visceral manipulation 

and more

treatment offerings
Spa Essentials
Zen Stones

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balance pt offers 1 hour one on one appointments all on a cash pay basis (sliding scale and super-bill options available)



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dr kristie k

Nikki is an experienced and highly skilled therapist with an innate sense for diagnosis and treatment. Her genuine enthusiasm and care for each patient is an added bonus. I have been her patient several times and will see her again when the need arises! I am also a physician and would recommend her unmatched expertise to any and all of my patients.

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maryann m

In 2014, I was referred to Nikki Dority by Obyg Nurse Practitioner. I had issues with my pelvic floor. Additionally, I would have episodes of lower back pain and spasms. These issues were resolved by understanding my body mechanics and moving more efficiently. My posture has greatly improved. I can fire up muscles that I wasn’t using or wasn’t using efficiently. I have been to other Physical Therapists but no one has the mastery of body mechanics like Nikki

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dr emily g

It would be hard to find anyone who is more knowledgeable, and more caring than Dr. Nikki. Her thought process, technique, skill level and heart are beyond any other Health care provider I know. She takes the full body (structure, heart and mind) into account as she works her healing magic on you. She is simply awesome!



balance pt 

3570 east 12th ave suite 206 denver, co 80206

tel: 720-299-1260


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